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HSG Alumni Social Business Club

Learning from experiences and connecting the social entrepreneurial world 

Who are we?

The Board of the Social Business Alumni club is composed of motivated active members & alumni of the Social Business Club. We all have the same goal: fostering connections between people willing to make profit meet purpose. 


What is our main goal?

Our main goal is to foster exchange between Alumni, active members of the Social Business Club and persons interested in the world of social businesses. Through this exchange, we aim to raise awareness about social businesses as well as to create a community in order to have a space in which new connections can be made. 


What do we offer?

We offer mainly community and networking events. These can take many forms, such as events that link academic content with practical experience, that relate to exchange opportunities or that give opportunities for self-reflection, -development and growth.


Who are we aiming at?

Every interested person part of HSG alumni can be part of our network. We aim mainly to inspire people. Thus, if you are willing to learn more about the social entrepreneurial world, you believe that profit must be connected with purpose or you are working in the social entrepreneurial ecosystem, do not hesitate to join our community!


How can you join our community?

If you are not yet aware of the HSG Alumni and thus do not yet have an account, everybody who studied at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and passed the assessment year can request a HSG Alumni Member through the following steps:


You can either become a member by going on the HSG Alumni website, then to “About HSG Alumni”--> “Membership” or


​If you are still studying at the University of St. Gallen, you will not be charged a membership fee. For this, please directly after requesting the membership through the website send your immatriculation confirmation to After that, your account will be manually created and you receive a confirmation once your login exists.

After having received your login details or with your personal, lifelong email address: that all graduates receive automatically you can login on the HSG Alumni Website.

We are happy to welcome you to our Alumni Club.

Find us here:

Where Profit Meets Purpose

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