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Paper Craft


About the position:

  • Ensuring the successful achievement of the club’s goals & execution of its events and projects

  • Supporting the other Board members in their tasks and responsibilities

  • Motivating the Board members to stay committed to the club’s objectives and common vision

  • Promoting the values of the Social Business Club


  • Organise and conduct weekly meetings

  • Close communication with the 4 “heads”

  • Open to resolve any possible conflicts within the Board or concerning the execution of projects/events

  • Proactively seeks new projects/collaboration possibilities (e.g. via other club presidents)

  • Attendance in some meetings with possible collaboration partners, if deemed necessary by the circumstances

  • Signing papers / documents on behalf of the club

  • Key main contact point between Alumni / Mentoring / Advisory / Executive Board


  • Committed to the purpose of the Social Business Club

  • Good communication skills

  • Active listener

  • Organisation and time management skills

  • Reliability and commitment

  • Participation in and enjoyment of teamwork


  • min 1-year

  • 6 credits

  • weekly engagement and dedication