The motivation behind the development of this platform is based on two dimensions:

  • The support of the communications and synergies between Social Businesses.
  • The stimulation of possible connections between Social Business and impact investors through a match-making tool.
  • The connection of social businesses with businesses from other area (tech, innovation, etc)

This idea of the development of this platform steam from our belief that there is a current and profound lack of centralised structures in the Social Business world. This lack might tend to reduce the efficiency of the businesses as we observed that different social issues are often contingent upon similar contexts. Hence, in such cases of contingency, a collaboration between actors might be a worthy and more efficient solution. For example, a town lacking access to proper sanitary solutions, might have a problem of limited access to water resources. Thus, giving access to toilettes only makes sense if access to water is provided simultaneously. In this context, a Social Business focusing on providing accessible sanitary solutions could partner with social entrepreneurs specialised in water access infrastructures. If Social Businesses communicate more with each other, they might be able to find right partner at the right moment by mutually sharing a specific expertise.
Furthermore, by using the platform, social businesses and impact investors could be match making tool. This could also allow a better allocation of financial resources by reducing transaction costs.

We believe that a platform could provide a solution to this issue. In order to develop this project, the first step consists in the categorizing of social businesses according to their mission and needed resources. This categorization will allow us to create an efficient match between social businesses and impact investors. To carry out this first step, we have prepared a survey entailing different type of social business models. We would be very thankful if you could complete this survey and give us a feedback or recommendations in order for us to adapt it accordingly if needed (missing questions, missing dimensions etc.). This should not take you more than 5 minutes.

The questioner is structured along the following logic: first, a few general questions, describing your business. Second, questions regarding your mission and impact. If you consider that your business has more than one mission, feel free to repeat the survey. Third, the financial situation of the company is assessed (all data remaining confidential). Finally, questions regarding which resources could be helpful to your company are asked (i.e. synergies, financial support, social consulting etc.).

If you are interested in taking part in this project, please feel free to review the following survey: