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If you are concerned about how you can reduce your carbon footprint, you can start by looking at your plate. With a third of greenhouse gas emissions produced by our food consumption, you'll find through Eaternity that there are plenty of things you can change in your diet to drastically mitigate global warming.

Eaternity conducts multiple ambitious projects to tackle this issue, all revolving around conducting environmental impact studies of various foodstuffs. Peer-reviewed and based on factors such as carbon emission, water usage, animal treatment and rainforest preservation, Eaternity boasts a fascinating and reliable scoring system! You can experience it yourself through their app on their website, visit one of the many restaurants who use this system to measure and optimize their own impact or even use their partner application CodeCheck to find out your own shopping cart's impact by scanning the barcodes of the products you purchase.

Eaternity is young, proven in its field and very ambitious. But its products are still under development and it will require passionate souls to reach its massive potential. If you're as curious as they are about impact assessment, it's definitely worth reaching out to them.




Carbon footprint reduction.

Possible Involvement Opportunities


- sales
- market research (e.g. impact measurement framework)
- communication (e.g. efficacy of sustainability communication)
- accounting

(Visit their website for updates on open positions)

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