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Love Your Neighbour

Love Your Neighbour (LYN) is a social fashion label based in Switzerland.  A special focus is set on the sustainable production of clothes. For instance, they are in very close contact with each and every one of their suppliers, ensuring a fair supply chain. A testimony to that is the Fair Wear label attributed to the clothes sold by LYN. Multiple other labels certify their sustainable production methods.

Additionally, this social enterprise has a very specific concept it wants to share with its customers. First, people buy a product which was produced fairly. Upon reception of the product, the buyer is given a so-called “bag of love” which includes a pair of socks. Their idea is that the bag would then be gifted to someone in the person’s close environment for them to add to and to spread the message: love your neighbor.

LYN is engaged in various initiatives and have built their own foundation with which they are doing various projects for people in need all around the world. Since 2016, above half a million Swiss Francs have been donated (in clothes or funds).

Most sales since their creation have taken place online, but LYN has attempted to foster a community spirit and their very own take on social business through an initiative started in 2013. Located very close to St. Gallen, LYN opened a trendy concept store in Winterthur. Customers can hang out in the coffee shop, book an appointment at their hairdresser’s and buy clothes from just one place at their store!

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Sustainable production, well being.

Possible Involvement Opportunities



(Visit their Instagram for updates on open positions, currently they are having an intern. Next intern possibility will be coming next year)

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