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It has been clear for a number of years that forests are being depleted faster than they can regenerate. The environmental benefits of these natural forests are countless: providing habitat to more than 80% of the world's biodiversity, atmospherical cleaning, health benefits and so on. Preserving them is a necessity.

NIKIN is a very young Swiss clothing producer, but with a twist: for every article sold, they donate USD 1 to their close partners, One Tree Planted. This simple idea lies at the core of their values and is central to their activities. The result: a clothing brand revolving entirely around trees! Although USD 1 is a small amount, they also follow a sustainable and affordable approach to production which only just covers costs: sustainability does not need to be exclusive! Their cotton is organic and comes from Turkey, the paper they use is made from fast-regenerating bamboo and best of all, they are window-pane transparent about their activities. In the end, much of their earnings then go in tree-planting campaigns such as "Green Friday" (replacing black friday) or the #hugatreechallenge. 

NIKIN is very young and is constantly redefining sustainability. With limited time available to this end, they are in need of students to contribute to this definition. Here are a few thesis subjects they are interested in:

_assessing the ecological impact of production/tree planting (in Europe and abroad)

_alignment of marketing communications and actions; finding where they differ at NIKIN

_auditing at NIKIN, specifically with regards to social impact (employees, beneficiaries and partners abroad)




Climate action.

Possible Involvement Opportunities


- assessing the ecological impact of production/tree planting (in Europe and abroad)

- marketing communications, specifically for social business (communication and action alignment assessment)

- auditing the social impact (focus on human side, in Switzerland with employees, their partners, and also with partners abroad)

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