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Planted produces delicious meat from alternative proteins, focusing on the perfect bite. Inspired by nature, the company pioneers a novel biostructuring approach that combines protein structuring and biotechnology. Using various proprietary technologies, Planted designs and structures alternative proteins in any size, shape, and fibrous texture and is convinced that biostructured proteins will outperform animal meat in the future in terms of taste, sustainability, health, efficiency and price. Planted is committed to using only clean and natural ingredients and no additives in all its products - making it a healthy and sustainable option for all. Truly better than animal meat.

A growing population along with increasing life expectancy and incomes are major drivers for the rise in global meat demand. However, the current scale of the meat industry is beyond unsustainable. Planted wants to change that. The Zurich-based foodtech spin-off from the Swiss Technical Institute of Technology (ETH) was founded in 2019 and was quick to build intellectual property around their biostructuring approach. Among other international awards, Planted ranked first at the TOP 100 Swiss Start-up Awards in 2021.


Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, UK.


Sustainable Food.

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