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SEP Jordan

In recent years, Jordan's refugee camps have swelled to the size of cities with little hope of integrating its inhabitants in the local scene. Despite the refugees' willingness to be active, they find themselves unable to leave the camps and therefore have little contact with the outside world. SEP Jordan comes in at Jordan's "Gaza" camp which primarily hosts Palestinian refugees who have been ensnared there for years - they were the first Jordanian private company to do so.

By training and hiring fashion artists from within the camps, SEP Jordan sells luxury clothing in their quarters in Geneva, Amman and online; all designed and hand-made by refugees. They delicately hand-embroider a range of accessories with geometric patterns inspired by Islamic architectural geometry and Palestinian heritage.

The 400+ women trained at the SEP-Tamari Foundation Academy are paid weekly, 30-50% above market rate, for each creation they produce - allowing them to earn a living & provide for their families. In addition, SEP Jordan uses its profits to conduct projects to provide educational services to refugees inside the camp. Not to mention the quality of the clothing they produce; worth a look!


Switzerland, Jordan.


Refugee integration.

Possible Involvement Opportunities

- sales
- market research (e.g. impact measurement framework)
- communication (e.g. efficacy of sustainability communication)
- accounting (e.g. risks of production in Jordan)

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