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In developing countries potable water is a scarce resource but without it, the people can’t cover their basic needs. Trying to satisfy their need for clean water with contaminated one causes illness and worse. About 80 % of medical conditions and around 20 % of early child death worldwide could be avoided by general access to purified water.

Watalux provides a Technology, that enables the communities with access to clean water. With only salt and water, WATA technology produces locally and at low cost, active chlorine solution that can be used to treat drinking water or used as powerful disinfectant. This way people being exposed to contaminated water can now purify their water and use the chlorine to disinfect surfaces in hospitals.

Watalux is a certified B Corp and has been tested and validated by the WHO. The technology is currently being used by several organizations like Medecins Sans Frontier, Terre Des Hommes, and Unicef.


African Countries

Tech, Healthcare.

Drinking Water, Sanitation, Sterilisation of Surfaces

Possible Involvement Opportunities

Internship (Is being developed. More information around beginning of next year)

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