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With garbage patches as the root cause of a plethora of crises all over the world, it's more important now than ever to recycle to avoid landfill growth or - god forbid - unnecessary incineration. For example, in Switzerland alone, over 500,000 tons of bio-waste are needlessly thrown away in the general waste bin.

Wormup aims to bring an unlikely ally into European households to help fight this issue. They provide a stylish composter housing hundreds of worms to help break down bio-waste into a home-made fertilizer. The impact on a person's routine is quite minimal: it is convenient, requires little care and odorless. The impact on the environment, however, may prove considerable as the company burgeons from the startup scenery into an industry-leader.

If you want to help grow Wormup into the many areas of application of their product, we would advise giving them a heads-up!



Waste management.

Waste reduction.

Possible Involvement Opportunities

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