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Carbon footprint reduction.


Knowing the environmental impact of one's food consumption is not only a concern for everyday grocery shoppers like you and I but also for professional cooks. Beelong summarizes a food's footpring into one comprehensive scale from A (most environmental-friendly) to G (least environmental-friendly).

At its core, the Beelong Eco-Score provides a label that is easy to read for consumers by considering food provenance, seasonality, modes of production, climate/resource impact and whether the foodstuff is transformed. They use it to conduct a large variety of exciting educational, evaluating and consulting projects with large-scale producers, restaurants and universities!

Stemming from the hotel management school EHL in Lausanne, Beelong is actively looking to develop its operations in Eastern Switzerland. Although they no longer require help for research purposes, they can propose the following internships for which an education from the HSG may be suited:

Possible Involvement Opportunities


Where Profit Meets Purpose

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