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Dicsovering Hands

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Colombia, Mexico, India, Israel, Spain, Netherlands.


Good health and well being.

Dicsovering Hands

In Germany alone, almost 70'000 women develop breast cancer yearly, each with deadly potential. And in order to prevent fatal consequences, early detection is the sole fulcrum. However, current diagnosis methods often lack the necessary scrutiny to find all cancers before they grow: mammography screening is usually only offered to the older and most-at-risk groups and examination by gynecologists is usually not standardized nor particularly thorough.

Discovering Hands tackles this issue by introducing a new actor with an especially acute sense of touch. Through neuroplasticity, the blind and visually impaired develop a more differentiated and sensitive tactile sensation than an average person. It has in fact been proven that this skill enables trained medical-tactile examiners (MTEs) to detect more and smaller tumors than professional doctors. Besides saving lives, Discovering Hands therefore creates meaningful employment for the visually impaired. Through a 9 month training program, they therefore provide a solution that not only benefits the women likely to have breast cancer early in their lives but also the visually impaired by giving them meaningful employment and insurance companies whose costs compared to treating late-stage cancer are ultimately greatly reduced.

Through a franchising scheme, the German business has recently gained international momentum in fascinating locations such as Mexico, Colombia or India. While it is now firmly rooted in the German healthcare system, its franchisees are constantly encountering problems inheritent to their own countries of residence. As a result, we are offering you a list of specifc subjects that you may find interesting to conduct your thesis in, sorted by franchisees' country of residence:


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