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Uber Den Tellerrand

Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czechia.


Refugee integration.

Uber Den Tellerrand

Adopting a new culture while retaining your own cultural heritage is an arduous process. With a migrant crisis systematically flaring in Europe, this process is increasingly relevant in political  and social discourses. It is also not easy to address. What is the best way to gain your new neighbors' trust? How can you share your culture with others? Uber den Tellerrand answers these questions with food.

Uber den Tellerrand systematically provides safe spaces for people of varying backgrounds to meet and cook together. They organize cookouts, sporting and other collaborative events by collaborating with local communities. However, this is not only charitable: they also write cookbooks, organize cooking classes and run a café (all done by refugees) in order to provide practical mentoring to those in need.

In German, the name indicates the ability to see beyond one's typical line of sight; to discover and learn new things! The company is responsible for an innumerable amount of events in this mindset. If this is of interest to you, you will find plenty of ways to get involved such as setting up your own Uber den Tellerrand sattelite! In this case, don't hesitate to ask them for more ways to get involved!

Possible Involvement Opportunities

Thesis, volunteering.

Where Profit Meets Purpose

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