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Impact investing.


Public stocks markets traditionally reward a company's profitability and judging profitability is not something people usually do. Traditionally. The problem with this approach is that it seldom reflects the true values of society. There is little room for empathy or community when an expert judges the profitability of an arms-dealing company.

This is exactly the problem Yova tackles by giving power to everyday people like you and me. As one of the pioneers of robo-investing, they provide an app that makes investing as simple as choosing how much risk you wish to take and sustainable criteria that you wish to support e.g. renewable energy, sustainable forestry or advancing education. The app then provides you with an automatic and well-diversified portfolio of companies matching these criteria that should be profitable in the long-run.

The revolutionary part is that you can influence this trend. Giving meaning to sustainability and reflecting one's values through investing can be done by anyone with a little bit of idle savings. Yova is an innovative but small team that will certainly need help to spread this mindset. So if you think you'd like to give them a hand, why not send an email? Be aware that Yova receives a lot of requests for thesis supervision and will be more likely to accept a marketing or customer relations intern, which you can learn more about on the jobs page on their website. A thesis supervision will be possible in exceptional cases.

Possible Involvement Opportunities

Thesis, internship.

Where Profit Meets Purpose

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