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Where Profit Meets Purpose

Who We Are

The Social Business Club is a student association of the University of St. Gallen and is made up of a group of motivated bachelor and master students passionate about topics related to sustainability, fair trade and social progress. It is a unique community of students, companies, researchers and entrepreneurs looking for social innovation and transfer of knowledge both within Switzerland and with foreign markets. We have made it our objective to create a long lasting, dynamic, and friendly community dedicated to face our generation's challenges through purpose-driven private initiatives!

What We Do

As a university association, we aim to spark and foster in students the interest in social business and engage them with the topic. For this purpose, we regularly organize events on campus in cooperation with similar-minded student associations, such as practical workshops, and movie nights. To support students in deepening their knowledge on issues related to social business and enhancing their skills, we also offer an annual consulting case competition with Dr Simon Pfister and real-life cases to support emerging social businesses.

In addition, a week-long excursion abroad called Emerging Markets Fellowship (EMF) enables students to gain first-hand insights in the reality of social businesses abroad and gives them the opportunity to work together with local entrepreneurs tackling diverse issues. However, due to the COVID -19 situtaion, we will not be able to conduct the EMF this year. Be sure to come back next year to see what we have planned for you!

Finally, we recognize students' needs with respect to outside organizations. To this end, an online platform "Relay" featuring social businesses will officially launch on October 8th 2020! Make sure to pop by our events page to sign up for the event! In the meantime, you can check out our Relay page. 

What Is a Social Business?

Our working definition of a Social Business:

A Social Business is a socially driven profit-making entity with a positive impact on society either directly through the nature of the endeavour or through a rigorous social mindset.

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