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The Social Business Club is an association founded in 2013 by students of the University of St.Gallen to answer growing interest in topics merging sustainability, new technologies and entrepreneurship that create a positive social and environmental impact.
Support Program within Argentinian Communities
Development of a Platform for Social Businesses
Workshops for the Fall Semester 2018

A Unique Platform

The Social Business Club is a unique platform for students, companies, researchers and entrepreneurs looking for social innovation and transfer of knowledge between emerging markets and Switzerland. Not only do we offer exclusive workshops with our partners, but also various campus events that foster students' interest, such as inspiring movie nights to discuss about sustainability topics. All in all, we create a long lasting, dynamic, and friendly community dedicated to face our generation's challenges through purpose-driven private initiatives.
In collaboration with our partners, we organize expert-lead workshops on emerging markets, entrepreneurship, and sustainable business.
Emerging Market Fellowship
The Emerging Market Fellowship (EMF) prepares students to become social entrepreneurs in emerging markets. In 2017, 15 students were sent on the field in Argentina. These students are now actively working on two projects with high impact for Argentine communities.
Campus Events
Be it inspiring movie nights, clothing swaps or food waste apéro, the Social Business Club offers students events to foster discussions and activities on sustainability topics.

The Emerging Market Fellowship

Giving students first-hand view on social business in emerging markets
Social Businesses

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