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Shared visions and development

The Mentoring Programme of the University of St. Gallen and HSG Alumni aims to connect current students with alumni of the HSG. The cooperation with the Social Business Club further promotes it to previous and current members of the Social Business Club and thus tries to connect Alumni and current members. We invite everyone to work on his/ her self-awareness, to get to know the Social Business world, to hear exciting second opinions, to make interesting contacts, and generally to experience a further dimension of social engagement through Social Business focused mentoring.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor/mentee with a focus on Social Business within the Mentoring Programme of the University and HSG Alumni! We look forward to establishing your mentoring relationship and providing you with another dimension to your engagement in the community united by the idea that profit meets purpose.

We have had the pleasure to bring together three Social Business focused mentoring couples in our initiative last year.  Andreas and Florian, who make up one of them, are happy to share their experiences with you

Florian Bild.jpeg

"One year ago, I had the pleasure to get to know Andreas as a mentee interested in creating a career with a positive societal impact. To discuss, share and learn with him about different paths and possibilities and support him on this journey has been a very inspiring and enriching experience. In my opinion, establishing a cross-generational community that enables and fosters career paths for students in social business is key to achieve the shift towards true sustainability needed in today’s economy. For this, the mentoring program of the Social Business Club and the Career Service Center at the University of St.Gallen is a unique opportunity."


Florian Wieser, Co-founder and CEO of Bluetools, Co-Lead Startup & Innovation at SENS, Co- founder of the SBC

Andreas Bild_edited.jpg

"I decided to join the SB focused Mentoring Initiative to be able to exchange ideas with someone who has learned to use business as a tool for social purpose. This hope was quickly surpassed and the meetings became an exchange of experiences in a variety of areas of life among two like-minded persons."

Andreas Helfer, Bachelor Student in Economics, Active Member of the Social Business Club 

Where Profit Meets Purpose

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