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RISE 2024

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Partners of 2023/24 to be announced...


What is RISE?

RISE stands for Real World Impact, Solutions, and Education. It's our annual Social Business Case Competition, dedicated to adressing real-world challenges. RISE unfolds in two distinct phases: During the autumn semester, participants engage in workshops to build a strong foundation. In the spring semester, teams take part in a dynamic case competition where they aplly their knowledge by helping social businesses overcome their challenges

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Why participate in RISE?

Participate in RISE to gain hands on-experience in creating, pitching and executing innovative ideas in an encouraging atmosphere. Collaborate with experienced students and professors to solve exciting real-world cases. Strenghten sought-after skills, earn valuable certificates, and have the chance to win amazing prices, all white making a tangible impact by helping companies tackle their challeng

How are the workshops structured?

Our workshops follow a structured format that offers participants valuable insights and hands-on experience. Each workshop includes a theory module led by Professor Pfister and the release of a trial case, challenging teams to craft solutions within the week. Participants then present their solutions, fostering collaborative learning. As the workshop cycle ends, we host an exciting case night—an intense session where you'll confront and conquer a series of diverse challenges, putting your skills to the test.

How is the RISE case competition structured?


In the spring competition, we continue our journey by immersing ourselves in real-world challenges. Following the kick-off event, participants who didn't join us in the autumn workshops take on a trial case within a week. Afterwards, we host a workshop, and the trial case solutions are presented. One week later, we introduce our partner companies along with their distinctive challenges. Participants then have two weeks to solve two cases and then present them in the final event alongside our partner companies and expert judges



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Make your Impact Case

Make your Impact Case consists of 3 events. Please be aware of being able to attend all of them!

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By applying for the Case Competition 2023 you have to attend the Case Practice Workshop and the events during the two weeks of the Case Competition. 

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Do I need to participate in the workshops to join the case competition?

  • Participation in the workshops is not mandatory, but we highly encourage it for several compelling reasons. By joining the workshops, you will gain valuable skills and knowledge that will be immensely beneficial during the case competition. Here's why we recommend attending the workshops:

    • Enhancing Problem-solving skills

    • Creative Thinking

    • Pitching proficiency

    • Learning from experts

What can I win?

  • Guaranteed BA-Thesis slots

  • Internships with social businesses

  • Coaching sessions from experts such as consultants

Do I have to join all sessions?

Teams have to join all events with at least 75% of their team members. Exceptions can be made in case of emergencies; however, it is advised to join all events.

Eco-Friendly Design

Is it possible to compete while I am in the assessment?

Yes, we actually encourage it, as it allows you to build hands on experience early on in your studies. We made sure that the dates have little to no collision with your academic calendar.​nsultants

First-Rate Materials

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Preparation videos for the case competition you will find here:

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Dr. Simon Pfister

Supporter | Cases | Workshops

Dominic Schnueriger

Head of Case Competition

Slav Kunchev

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