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What is SBC3?

The Social Business Consulting Case Competition (SBC3) is a yearly and as it is the new branded EKIM, exciting case competition held throughout the month of Mai by the Social Business Club, in collaboration with two partnerclubs. This year, we are happy to be partnering with Toastmasters St.Gallen to deliver another exciting edition!

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Why SBC3?


Participation in SBC3 enables students to further develop their analytical and problem-solving skills while having a meaningful impact by helping companies to solve real problems. Moreover, by providing the opportunity to solve these real-life cases, the competition serves as preparation for the more extensive Capstone Project.


Students have the unique chance to practice solving case studies in the world of social businesses, to receive valuable feedback from the companies and from Dr Simon Pfister on their work, as well as to choose a final prize.

Certificate & Awards

- Coaching sessions, team events, and more to be announced

- Certificates signed by Dr Simon Pfister

How does SBC3 work?

Four to six teams, each composed of four motivated participants, go through preparation and coaching with the support of Dr Simon Pfister, solving practice cases. Afterwards, the students work on specific, real-life issues provided by companies. In the end, a final feedback round is held, in which the companies receive and comment on the conclusions reached by the students. 


Therefore, the participants benefit from this experience by enhancing useful skills and being rewarded, while the companies get insights into possible solutions to address their real issues.

Working Together on Project


Step 1

Make your Impact Case

23.11.2022 - Introduction

30.11.2022 - 1. Case

07.12.2022 - 2. Case

Location: University of St.Gallen, Room 01-113, 18:15

Step 2

Case Practice Workshop

06.03.2023 - Toastmasters Workshop

07.03.2023 - Case Release

13.03.2023 - Case Presentation &



Location: Room 09-011 (HSG), Square

In collaboration with a COMPANY

Case Competition 2023

01.05.2023 - Case Release A & B

15.05.2023 - Case Presentation &      


Location: Room 09-011 (HSG), Square

In collaboration with two COMPANIES

Step 3

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Make your Impact Case

Make your Impact Case consists of 3 events. Please be aware of being able to attend all of them!

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By applying for the Case Competition 2023 you have to attend the Case Practice Workshop and the events during the two weeks of the Case Competition. 

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