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Enter the world of Social Business

Do you want to take your first professional steps with social businesses

or provide them with valuable research?


Here, you will find a multitude of fascinating companies that we trust to fuel your inspiration. You'll find that many of them depend on the contribution of people who share their desire to better the world - much like yourself! So feel free to contact them at their email addresses we provide about the involvement possibilities. Let this platform relay these possibilities to you!

Here are a few examples of things you could do:

  • Write a thesis analyzing the market potential of a region in which they would like to expand by traveling there

  • Write a thesis measuring the ecological impact of a company

  • Find an internship helping other people right after you graduate

  • Participate in one of their networking events to get to know them

Please be aware, however, that the companies' needs are constantly changing. A possibility for an internship cannot guarantee that they will offer you an internship; it's up to you to contact them and find out more...

For any contact with a partner regarding an internship or employment, please CC us!

This would greatly help us better assess our impact. 

Interested in doing a Thesis with one of our partners? 

Next Steps:

  1. Reach out to the contact mentioned and CC us (Make sure you are straightforward in your email. Tell them who you are, that you found their contact through Relay, what you want to do (a suggestion for a thesis subject or a research starting point is ideal) and attach your CV)

  2. Discuss the topic in detail and the timeline with the relevant company

  3. Keep us in the loop and we can link you with the supervising professors from the university

  4. We help you reconcile the requirements from the company and the scientific requirements from the supervisor

  5. Start writing your thesis (and do not forget the formal application with your supervisor)

Social Businesses
Social Businesses
Non-Profit Organizations
Impact Investors

Where Profit Meets Purpose

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