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About Social Businesses: Welcome

About Social Businesses

A business model fit for the challenges of today

We have perhaps never faced greater and more global challenges than we do today. A growing wealth gap, an energy crisis, large-scale deforestation and worsening air pollution levels to name a few.

In the midst of this turmoil, traditional corporations find themselves unable to fully meet the needs of both shareholders and local communities. This ambivalence is a very palpable issue that we business students constantly encounter; it often results in the market failures that we witness in e.g. underpaid labor, over-tourism or the absence of proper sanitation in rural communities. 

Simultaneously, we have to face the hard truth that traditional non-profit organizations such as NGO's rely heavily on donations as well as political context, and are therefore restricted in their impact.

What compromise can we make? You guessed it...

How it works

Where the traditional corporation is commercially-aimed, the social business entirely revolves around solving a social or ecological (yes, not just social) issue.

Where the typical non-profit organization relies on donations and volunteering, the social business seeks innovative market opportunities to finance its activities in the long-term.

Social businesses arise right at that sweet spot. At the crossroads, where profit meets purpose.

These insights are well documented... well beyond the expertise of a group of passionate undergraduates and young graduates. If this is a topic of interest to you, we encourage you to research more or perhaps even dare to leave us a message!

Where Profit Meets Purpose

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