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Buy Food with Plastic

Nicaragua, Ghana, India, Switzerland.

Plastic Pollution, Food Insecurity, Poverty.

Buy Food with Plastic enables people in Nicaragua, Ghana, and India to pay for warm meals with plastic bottles. To close the plastic cycle, they upcycle the collected plastic into new products.

Buy Food with Plastic

Buy Food with Plastic is tackling two global problems simultaneously: Plastic pollution and extreme poverty. Thus, two of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) are addressed, namely No Poverty (1) and Responsible Consumption and Production (12).

In countries where famine and plastic pollution are amongst the most pressing problems, Buy Food with Plastic organizes - together with its local employees - Community events where people can pay for warm meals with plastic bottles. Thanks to this concept, over 97’000 bottles have already been processed and about 77’500 meals distributed.

Until now, the organization is operating in Nicaragua, Ghana, India, and Switzerland. Besides distributing meals in exchange of plastic bottles, Buy Food with Plastic is creating jobs for both the event organization and in the upcycling manufactory, where the collected plastic is upcycled into beautiful and useful products, such as surf combs for the local surf community.

Buy Food with Plastic’s vision is that no one must live in extreme poverty, and no more plastic ends up in the environment. Furthermore, creating a self-functioning cycle in which collected plastic bottles are being processed into new products and reintegrated into the production chain through sales, as well as education and awareness, are key aspects of the vision.


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