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pink maharani

Due to an increase in demand for cashmere shawls since the 90s, a wave of counterfeits has flooded the markets, much to the detriment of authentic cashmere workers. Pink maharani (aka "pink queen" in Hindi) envisions a solution not only for this problem but also for the improvement of children's lives in rural Indian communities by selling very high-quality Indian cashmere, silk and alpaca and conducting multiple development projects in the area.

Their journey started with an innocent conversation at a tea shop in Geneva with a perfect blend of entrepreneurship and social impact. The mastermind behind this project is Narmada Ramakrishna who regularly shares a clear vision and strong commitment for the people and the planet.

The skills and know-how behind this operation, however, lie in the highest plains of Ladakh at 4,000 meters high. With above-market wages and an acute affinity for authenticity and textile beauty, the 150+ supported families are able to maintain their local, decent way of life. In addition, pink maharani also conducts dedicated impact projects to support the youth communities in the region including “one shawl - one girl - one year” which supports young girls with hygiene-related issues, "one shawl - one child - one light bag" which provides children with solar-powered backpacks and "one shawl - one girl - one therapy" which supports therapy against sexual abuse. With each purchase, pink maharani therefore vows to support a rural community in India.

An inspiring story that needs to be heard! It is definitely worth contacting them if you feel like you want to get involved.


Switzerland, India.


Women empowerment, menstrual hygiene.

Possible Involvement Opportunities


Start- ups are evolving constantly and help is always welcome. Contact them and see where and how you could be employed in an internship!

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